Let It Out

Before the 4th I expressed a lot of harbored feelings that I’ve been holding in because thats what this angel does unfortunately. Though it wasn’t through words, but tears. Master decided that play was needed and cuffed my feet before making me lean over the unmade bed. 

“I’m doing this because I love you my angel,”

I nodded.

“This is in no way a punishment.”

Again I nodded to show I was listening unable to speak how I was feeling about trying out the cane.

He gave a moments pause to let me look at the toys he’d picked out on the bed. Master knew I disliked the cane but he enjoys playing with it so I endured. He gave a few swats to the air as a warm up. The loud whoosh made me squirm. Master paused when he met my deer in the headlights look and chuckled.

“This is just a warm up don’t worry, then we will move on to the Dragon Tail.”

He smiled warmly and I melted a little.



I pushed my legs back so my butt stuck out a bit more and let the clear cane smack at my thighs. I held back a whine for the most part. Then he hit a bit harder trying to warm me up. I pulled back moving my feet back and forth the cuffs on my legs preventing me from moving more then a tip toe step.

“I know you hate the cane love, just a few more hits and I’ll swich. I promise.”

I gingerly got back into position and let him have his last few wacks, with minimised yelps.

“Thank you angel, you did such a good job.” 

Master lifted my chin to kiss my cheek before putting down the cane and grabbing the Dragon Tail. Master made sure I was fine before proceeding to swing it across my butt legs and back. I groaned and moaned enjoying it till mid way my mood swiched. Tears tipped out of my eyes and I held up my hand to signal I needed a moment. 

“You okay?”

 Master dropped the DT on the bed and scooped me up into his arms. 

“Nod if everything is alright angel.”

 it took me a moment but I managed a slow nod of my head. 

“What happened?” 

this wasn’t normal for me to call out like this and I could see in his eyes he was worried he did something wrong. 

“I started thinking about everything,” 

I felt stupid at this point. 

“That’s been happening the last few weeks.” 

he let me lay there for another few minutes before I let him know I was ready to continue. I felt slightly guilty for letting the outside problems effect our play. We don’t get to do it often due to our schedule and living with his dad for the time being. But he told me it was okay afterwards, that he had enjoyed himself and to me Masters happiness is what matters.


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