Big Brother

I felt I needed to rewrite about this for future posts. Also a reassurance that my Master and I are not condoning or sexualizing mental health nor actual abuse, rape, incest and or gaslighting. My Master and I are both consenting adult with some pretty explict and not always sane fantasies. In no way would he put me into such a hospitalized state out of play and our sessions.

Master has been working on Gabriel, he is more than just a sadist but borderline psychotic being. He is also my big Brother in our play sessions. He uses Gabriel to push the boundaries of my fears and some of my limits (never hard limits.) Gabriel is indeed a personality all on his own, a personality my Master is quite enjoying to create as he hones his own skills in Dominating me.

I’ve found that when Master switches to this new persona he is almost a different person. As if he falls into a deeper Sadistic space. When Gabriel is present the atmosphere of our play is indeed different, he has worked very hard to make that clear. He doesn’t detour his play when I cry or try to break him from his scene. He is in love, rather then lovingly and only knows how to show his obsession through aggressive behaviour. He is forcefully demanding and induces submission through brutal total power exchange. He is unapologetic and rash with his ways, he unlike my Master welcomes the pain I inflict with struggling against him. He is hightened by this and in due becomes more intense. He is pleased and aroused with THOUGHTS of myself in agony which could be: excessive blood loss, pleading (being pathetic,) broken bones and initially my own death.

We’ve had many discussions on this topic of what is taking it far beyond our line, my line. We both know the dangers that fall with this kind of play.


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