​“How about we make this fun?”

Master asked with a smirk in the drivers seat. 


I asked tilting my head at him from the passenger seat.

“You can’t say the word ‘You’.”

I stared for awhile in silence trying to come up with a way to get out of his game.

“But we’re going to my mom’s birthday party.”

He smiled wide enough to show teeth this time.


“Welll…umm…you know my anxiety kicks in around people.”

“You’ll just have to find another word to say then angel.”

I sighed in defeat.

Master parked the car a ways away from the bar. He did it with the evil intention of making me walk in the high heels he picked out for my dress. Master knows they give me discomfort and he enjoyed watching me flinch as he walked in my shadow.

“By the way, each time you say ‘You’ your punishment will be the spider gag for five extra seconds.”

I whined thinking about it. The silver ring was much to big for my petite mouth and hurt incredibly bad after a short amount of time. 

By the end of the night with the help of four drinks I had said ‘You’ six times. That equaled 30 seconds of the spider gag propped in my mouth.


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