The Grumpiest of Angels

My first punishment in a long time ended up being me glaring back at him. Yes, I can be a very moody angel when I want to be. I was already upset at a coworker after our horrible end of the school year party. I got home unamused, huffing and puffing as I cleaned up Masters dirty laundy and folded the clean clothes on the bed that, I didn’t ask to get on.

He waited and waited as I aggressively threw shirts onto hangers and shoved them all into the closet to reveal that he had brought out our paddle.

“What did I do?”

I’d asked, raising my eyebrow as I crossed my arms across my chest.

“Think about it angel.”

looking at the bed and then back at him it dawned on me.

“I got on the bed without asking.”

He nodded and told me to drop my shorts and bend over. He gave me one hard paddling to my butt and pulled the shorts back up. Already being grumpy I looked back and scowled the best I could. But he only handed me the paddle and told me to put it up then kneel by the bed when I was done.



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